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Hey guys! I recently created a donation page where you can support me with donations in the price of a cup of coffee. If you like my work and want to give me support,  take a look at :icontinoplz:

Thank you very much :heart:
Hey guys!

Happy Valentine's  Day - no matter if you are in a couple or single, have a great day full of love :) if you don't have anyone to tell you I love you on that day, well I LOVE YOU guys! :) you are amazing forever <3

Sorry for adding tones of sketches lately but I am finally recovering from commercial work >o> I am working on something bigger that I wanted to post on Valentine's Day with perhaps a giveaway, but I couldn't make it on time :( it will come soon though : D I will also try to answer all the comments that I have as soon as possible!
Stay safe and thank you for support <3
Exactly like the title : D What are your art goals? What would make you feel an accomplished artist? Would it be becoming recognized, be able to live off your art or just reaching personal satisfaction? :)

The winner of this giveaway is GABAGARB!
There will be more giveaways soon :) thank you guys for your support! <3333
Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you used Paintstorm, it is a new digital software. I was wondering if any of you has any experience with it? what are your thoughts ?:)
Hey guys! Many of you ask me a lot how I transfer my sketches, how I outline my work and how I manage to keep it clean.
The answer to that question is a lightbox!

I used to use a very cheap lightbox I got from ebay but a while ago I was upgraded to a Huion LB4 light pad thanks to the kindness of the company. 
This is the lightbox I am using now and it is absolutely amazing:

20161031 115433 by larienne 20161031 115518 by larienne
20161031 115644 by larienne

The lightbox is charged with a USB cable which eliminates battery issues :) (Smile) My older lightbox had a regular charger and it was very uncomfortable to use.

The brightness can be easily regulated if you place your finger in the corner of the lightbox which is very nice if you think the light is too strong or too weak. It is also where the off and on switch is located. When you switch the lightbox off, it will remember the level of brightness that was set beforehand which is a nice addition :) (Smile) I change it constantly though so it is less useful for me:

20161031 115457 001 by larienne20161031 115442 by larienne

Now how does it work?
I make a sketch on a simple printer paper. I can try things out without being afraid of having to erase stuff later, making paper dirty and so on. It is very important as it does not limit your creativity. Once I am happy with the sketch, I place it on the lightbox and then I put a proper paper sheet on top of it and I trace the sketch directly with a multiliner :) (Smile) 

20161031 115553 by larienne
20160829 234949 by larienne20160829 235120 by larienne

+Sleeping Mermaid - Before and After+ by larienne+Mononoke - Before and After+ by larienne
+Before and After+ Tools+ by larienne

The lightbox serves me well not only when I want to trace sketches but it is also a nice pad supporting my sketching process. I tend to use it as something stiff under my paper sheets while I'm sketching :) (Smile)

If you cannot afford this light box, there are plenty of other options for you to try out :) (Smile) I think this is worth the price though as it has improved my workflow ever since the upgrade :) (Smile)

I hope it helps!

More Choices from Huion:
Yesterday I got a Daily Deviation for +SHELTER+ by larienne

Thank you very much for suggesting and featuring it, and thank you for support you guys :icontinoplz: I cannot stress enough how much it means to me!
Hey guys! 
I donated some of my most enjoyed Undertale fanarts for a charity fanbook created by Gamers for Good! They have launched a kickstarter page and I wanted to share it with you. The book is really huge, it features around 450 artists who joined it together for a greater cause :) 
+Undertale+ by larienne+Undertale - Temmie Village by larienne

Visit their page and help us bring this to life:…

Hey guys! I am so thrilled to share the news with you! My art will be featured in the newewst issue of ImagineFX! 
You can read short comments I wrote regarding my work and you can get my work in print :)
Thank you for support! I wouldn't be here without you.…
Commissions update: The first half of commissions is done, getting to the second half! : )

Commissions alre closed and the waitlist is open. Contact me if you are interested to be notified when more slots will be open again :)

I am offering a full illustration and the composition is of your choice 
+Princess Mononoke+ by larienne +Steven Universe - Lapis Lazuli+ by larienne  +Merida - Noble Maiden Fair+ by larienne  +Little Mermaid - The Land and The Sea+ by larienne +Hermione Granger+ by larienne  +Mononoke - On the Prowl+ by larienne  +Sophie And Calcifer+ by larienne

or any other composition type from my gallery. Check for more examples…

Price: 90$ 
2 characters 100$
Payment: Paypal 

If you are interested send me a note. :)

"The prices cover personal commissions, for commercial work send me a note.

*shipping upon request plus 6$. If shipping is not required I will use mixed media for effects.
I ship with First class international priority, however, I do not hold responsability for lost packages. Commissions are non refundable. After accepting of the sketch, changes cannot be added once coloring process started.

 Thank you :)

New bath:
1)David - Coloring
2)email x2
3) facebook

Steven Kennedy (FB)
facebook project
Hey guys! Recently one of the Ghibli animators and color coordinators, Michiyo Yasuda, passed away. Sadly, I dont have time to draw anything for this occassion due to work but I shared with you an older illustration you probably already know and that is for me what the Studio's movies are - happiness and joy of discovering their beautiful worlds which always bring smile to my face. Studio Ghibli gave us all memories and stories we grew up with. For me, they serve as a great source of inspiration. Her work with stay with us forever. Thank you!
+Sophie And Calcifer+ by larienne
If you have any Ghibli art, you can show me and the rest in the journal :)
Hello guys! Since there was interest in a tablet I recently got, I decided to review for you a graphic tablet from the Huion company.
At this day and age, the technology of digital art is moving towards screen tablets, and while Wacom is the leading tablet provider, some competitors with interesting equipment and prices are starting to appear on the market :)

The tablet I'm describing is Huion GT-220 21,5" (…)

The tablet arrives in a big, well-protected box. Inside of the box we will find the instruction booklet for Windows and Mac, and all the necessary cables (USB, power cable with charger, HDMI, and VGA. The tablet also has a DVI port but there is no extra cable for that included). The way I connected the tablet to my computer is via the USB port and the HDMI port which turned the tablet into a second monitor).

Moreover, we get screws and a screwdriver ; D to attach the stand to the tablet, which is super easy and takes 2 minutes (and I'm not even fluent with any form of engineering *laughs*).

1 by larienne 20160821 103039 by larienne

The stand for the tablet is fully adjustable, I find it comfortable to change its position at any time:

20160830 095006 by larienne 20160830 094911 by larienne

The stylus has own battery and needs to be recharged once the battery runs out of power, which takes no longer than an hour and doesn't happen often. So far I only recharged it once, for 30 minutes : D

While installing the drivers, it is important to uninstall drivers for other tablets we have on our computer so the drivers won't collide with each other.) After installation, we are all set:

20160830 100441 by larienne

Working on the tablet feels really fantastic :D I didn't even notice when time passed while I was testing this device. 
I often asked people with screen tablets if there is difference between that and a regular tablet - some said yes, some said that not really, only it gets the job done quicker. 
As for me, there is a huge difference between my regular tablets and this screen tablet! It feels as if I was painting on paper, it's very intuitive and makes me want to work on it non-stop. 
Most importantly, it doesn't make my eyes tired. I worked on this tablet during the day and late at night, and my eyes were just fine. 
The screen is big, bright and shows vibrant colors that correspond with my monitor and my smartphone. I don't have to be afraid that there will be a huge difference between paintings done on this tablet and how the image will look for others, as it happens with many laptops. 
It has 2048 levels of pressure:
Beztytuu by larienne

The pen settings are simpl in comparison to Wacom but they allow you to adjust shortcuts on your Pen.
Sssd by larienne

I had some fun playing with my traditional paintings on it during testing :) I used them to show you colors and how paintings would look here :)

20160830 100127 by larienne
Ssss by larienne

Now let's look at prices:
for this particular model you will pay around 600-700$ meanwhile Wacom of similar size is around 1600-1700$.  Example:…
Of course, quality matters here but know the alternatives for your wallet :)

Is Huion worth considering? Definitely. If you want to become better at digital media, and drawing in general, and you cannot afford Wacom then Huion is a great choice :) It will be tones of fun and it will get the job done!

Check this blog for pressure comparison between Wacom and Huion:…
Watch a fellow artist using Huion and unboxing:  

If you want to buy a tablet, now may be a good moment. Here are some coupons with discount:

Use Coupon: MARWFQUZ ( 18%OFF, available for all amazon stores below, valid date: 2016.09.01-2016-09.07)
Join HuionArtistSupport Group on DeviantArt:  huionartistsupport.deviantart.…
Like Huion on Facebook:

Have fun guys and don't hesitate to ask questions :)


At the beginning of this month I received a Deviousness Award and I want to thank everyone for making it possible. Your unconditional support, kind comments and appreciation that you show towards my craft leave me speechless each and every day. You are helping me change my life for the better. I never expected I would get such an award, and I am forever grateful for everything. This community shows me that even though there might be hardships to overcome, it is always worth following one's dreams.
I love you guys :hug:
Thank you Moonbeam13 and the staff for this award, madizzlee for all the amazing opportunities, and thank you :icontsaoshin: :iconnolwe-chan: :iconry-spirit: :iconinma: :icongasara: :iconviastar: :iconclannad16: :iconeniminemoe: :icontezeze: for such kind comments :heart: 

You really made my year :hug:

Celebrating Deviousness - August 2016

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.
Introducing larienne
My name is Karolina and I’m an illustrator who loves elves, tea, and horror. I’ve been drawing since I can remember, art has always been a huge part of my life. I joined DeviantArt years ago but it was not until the beginning of this year when I decided to truly dedicate my life to being a freelance artist. I quit my part-time job and after graduating from my university, I started dedicating 100% of my attention to art. With that I can say that this year has been revolutionary for me so far and I wouldn’t be where I am now without the continuous love and support I get from this wonderful community.
My favorite part of being a Deviant is the
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Hey guys!

Today one of my paintings got a Daily deviation :) +Ariel - Trapped Under the Sea+ by larienne
I want to thank all of you, all those who support, fave, comment, believe in me, root for me, and drop a kind word :) you are absolutely amazing <3 Without your support, it wouldn't be possible ; A ;
Thank you <33333
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Hey guys! First of all, I am sorry for having such a slow start with my art in this new year. My bf came here from abroad so I took time to spend it with him and I was also trying to grasp some stuff for exams at the university after being absent for Christmas. However, I am back now and full of motivation to keep going!

What can you expect from me this year?
-I want to be even more active! Compared to 2014, 2015 was four times more active which is great! I will try to go even further :)
-I want to keep sharing original art and fanarts in both traditional and digital media! (I hope you won't mind some more digital illustrations coming from me together with traditional! )
-I want to practice more semi-realistic digital art as well which I already attempted in 2015
-I have a short series of landscape-oriented drawings related to my "Solis Occasus" I want to complete
-I would like to finish all the Sailor Moon scouts series - it's time to bring them all to life since I've been drawing them for so long xD

Let's see how it will work :) On the top of that,  I want to thank you for sticking with me, I hope you on't be disappointed :hug:
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Happy New Year guys! I wish you all the best!
THANK YOU  for being with me :hug:
onwards to 2016!
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Title: Älvringar
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Chobits, Kobato, xxxHOLIC, X CLAMP, CLOVER, MKR
Pairings: KuroxFai, SyaoranxSakura, ChiixHideki, KobatoxFujimoto and about 4 other couples crucial for the story.
Genre: romance, fantasy, drama, adventure
Language: English (can add Polish translation if required)
Pages: 108 (87 pages of the story, map of the world, description of the world, guestart gallery)
Size: A5 
No Mature Content
Bookstore quality!
Summary: The TRC team travels to a small forest town called Ljosmyrkhud, the inhabitants of which live in fear of the mysterious Fairy Queen. While the aura of the place starts to get under Fai's skin, Kurogane discovers that there is more to the Fairy Queen legend and the village itself than meets the eye. The team has to hurry up as Midsummer Night, the time of dangerous magic in Ljosmyrkhud, is right behind the corner.

Guest gallery: :iconluleiya:, :iconinma:, :iconhokoricupcake:, :iconkotori-chan:, :iconcathriewarehouse:, :icongyrhs:, :iconkyara17:, :iconsuesanne:, :iconoliko:

FREE For each book: 
- laminated Fai Fairy strap with a bell and a decorative gem
- A6 print

-*new* postcard
- *first 30 orders will receive a personal Thank You sketch from me with a random CLAMP character

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Just a friendly reminder ! I will be at the Japan Expo this week ; u ; / Come, see us!
Our booth will have these members: 
:iconero-pinku: :iconinma: :iconkenneos: :iconlarienne: :iconluleiya:
Ero-Pinku made this cute map:

We will be selling doujinshi books, artbooks, keychains, postcards, cards and so on <3 I will have "Älvringar" with me too :)
Please, do come visit us : D

All the books have been shipped! Thank you very much! Please, share your thoughts under this journal, as a review in my shop or on tumblr under "
ÄLVRINGAR" tag ; u ; /
Books are marked as "sold out" for now. I will re-open my store if I have any leftovers after Japan Expo (if so, then I shall re-open the store around second half of summer or when summer ends).
Thank you once again and happy summer! <3…

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Hello guys!! First of all, thank you for all the birthday wishes I received! Many of you wrote so kind and supportive words that it left me moved to tears :) I also wanna thank for those who sent their wishes via notes or e-mail :) Thank you for drawings that you made for me as well, your support fuels me as an artist and I will always be grateful for all of it <3 I will try to answer everyone individually but I'm sorry if it's taking time.
I want to feature some gift art:
happy birthday Larienne by cutetamara292<da:thumb id="536364055"/>
and these Mokonas from :iconanime-princess-ssw:

As for the CLAMP fanbook, thank you for all your wonderful support once again <3 Preorders are officially over. I still may have some copies to spare so I will leave my shop open but only for a couple of copies more.
For all those who were confused or asked me, today I went through final fixes and the book will be ordered from the printing house now that preorders are over. Estimated time of arrival for the book is about a week and then I will start shipping (final arrival depends on your location). That means that the book shoul be shipped to you in the middle of the second week in June :) You will receive an email with confirmation. If you have any other questions, please, contact me :)
Details will be posted in my store:…
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Hi guys :icontinoplz:

I'm writing a quick and short update <3

-Since it's all set now, I can officially write it here: This year I'm going to JAPAN EXPO! ; u ; and it will be my very first con in life :heart: I was invited by luleiya to tag along and not to mention, I'm absolutely excited, it's a dream come-true and a chance to learn so much! Moreover, I will also share a table with :iconluleiya: :iconinma::iconero-pinku::iconkenneos: and kotori-chan so I will list some merchandise when it's time :) (for some reason journal doesn't let me post more than 4 icons -.-)
If any of you is planning on visiting Japan Expo this year, I hope you will drop by ; u ;
Right after that event I'm going to Finland to visit my bf and I can hardly wait :heart:

-I'm working on a new CLAMP doujinshi - I'm doing it alone this time and it will have one long story inside + many extras. The book is set in TRC universe. I will post more info soon but you can follow my FB or tumblr for more updates :) The book will be available in pre-order soon and it will also be available at JAPAN EXPO. (very small previews so far are here CLAMP doujinshi previews)

-Other than that, things are going pretty fine :) My school is okay, my Master's degree is half ready and my supervisor was impressed with my work so far ;u ; The subject is connected with manga so I'm super happy!

- After the book is ready, which is around the end of April, I'm going to focus more on digital art because there is so much I want to do with it and so much to improve on! I have many pictures planned and the fact that I can't do them now only makes me more hyped and ready to work!

-aaaand I'm sick xD A bad kind of flu, doesn't wanna leave T_T meh

That's all : ) Thank you for being with me and your support sweethearts :heart:
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  • Watching: South Park and silly movies
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